The World Is a Little Bit Genghis Khan

I read once that over the course of his conquests Genghis Khan raped so many women, a genetic study found that as much as 0.5% of the world’s population is directly descended from him.

So I’m thinking about it… I’m kind of wondering, do you think that the megalomaniacal expansion of his empire was in part driven by his urge to keep sticking his dick into new and exotic women?


  1. I doubt he thought of women as a landscape he needed to conquer. Sex and violence have long gone hand in hand. War and sex as well. Take Korean “Comfort Women” as an example. Rape is more about power than hate. So in that respect his rape of women makes sense. But in all honesty I think he just liked violence and in all its forms.

    1. KJ

      …so you agree with me? I mean, technically I asked a question, and I’m not sure that it’s possible to agree with a question… But my point is, like you said, maybe he just liked violence in all its forms, wanted to exercise force and dominate people in any way that he could. So, to my point, this may have been in part what motivated him, being another way to violently overpower others.

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