A Thought About Having a Drink With a Higher Power…

Do prayers still count if you’re drunk…?


    1. KJ

      Well I suppose it kind of depends on the prayer. If it’s something that you would still pray for sober (and God, being omniscient, would know this) then yeah I’m guessing it still counts.

      But on the other hand, if it’s just an inebriated incantation, and something that you would neither work up the gumption to say out loud if you were sober, or if you wouldn’t even conceive of it sober, then I figure that’s probably insincere.

      People always want to believe that intoxication reveals some hidden depths about themselves, but that’s not true. The anxieties we face or don’t face, and the things we decide not to say because we decide they do not represent the people who we want to be, even if the thought crosses our minds…are all equally important factors in the equation that equals who we are.

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